At Mission Peak Cohousing, we come together to create a neighborhood that is an intentional community, living among caring neighbors of similar interests and agreed-upon values with whom we can share our lives. We are committed to participating actively in creating and maintaining opportunities for frequent interaction and sustaining meaningful relationships with each other beyond our own individual households.




Active support of our community

  • Sharing in work and play

  • Practicing good communication skills

  • Sharing in responsibility and governance

  • Participating in decision making, primarily by consensus

  • Maintaining positive relationships with each other in spite of differences of opinion

Promotion of richness in the quality of daily living

  • Being and having neighbors you can count on

  • Expending less personal resource in maintenance of a single family house and yard

  • Preventing isolation as we age together

  • Supporting parents in providing a safe, nurturing environment for children

  • Balancing privacy and community


Respect and value for diversity

  • Honoring differences in age, life experience, background, religion, politics, sexual orientation, physical ability, economic circumstance, ethnicity, etc.

  • Respecting each other’s personal choices


Environmental responsibility

  • Designing our community around a high sustainability standard

  • Creating opportunity for use of public transportation, carpooling, bicycling, walking

  • Sharing resources such as tools, equipment, and skills

  • Living in environmentally sensitive private homes