Is Mission Peak Cohousing Village a Fit for You?

Are you in a financial position to buy a home?

Do you want to live in the East Bay, near Silicon Valley, in the prosperous San Francisco Bay Area?

Would you enjoy the benefits of co-housing?

  • Balance between privacy and community housing

  • Meaningful, multi-generational relationships and growing friendships with people who live nearby

  • Safety and security of living in a dynamic, interactive setting

  • Just plain fun

Do you resonate with our community vision?

  • Collaborating on a resident-designed neighborhood in Fremont

  • Making decisions for the common good by consensus with fellow cohousing residents

  • Living close to public transportation like BART, numerous retail and services, cafés and activity

  • Creating a space for sharing meals, having celebrations, accomplishing tasks, accommodating visitors, and putting your feet up

  • Establishing a neighborhood garden

Do you identify with these broad values?

  • Active support of our multigenerational community

  • Promotion of richness in the quality of daily living

  • Respect and value for diversity

  • Environmental responsibility

If this sounds like you, we’d love to meet you!

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