If you are ready to find out more, here are the steps to take:

1. Contact us to attend an orientation meeting:  Click here to contact us.

2. Become an “Explorer.” As an Explorer, you pay a $150 fee and have up to three months to decide whether you want to apply for membership. (If you do become a member, your Explorer fee applies to the $500 equity investment.) If you would like, we can assign a mentor to help you get acquainted and answer questions.

3. If you and current members agree about continuing the process to the next step, apply to become a Full Member of our community and its limited liability corporation, Mission Peak Village, LLC, and join the other households that commit to the creation of the Mission Peak Village community and support its vision and values.

  • Make an equity investment in the LLC of $500 (minus your Explorer fee) and make regular capital contributions that apply to the down payment on your new home.

  • Become active with the community and participate in committee and community meetings.

  • Participate in all community events and activities without any limits, and have all rights, privileges, and obligations as defined by the operating agreement for Mission Peak Village.

  • Have a voice in decision-making.

  • Obtain priority in choice of units based upon the date you become a member.