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Our most recent newsletter....

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January 2024

All Aboard the Holiday Train!


October 2023

Members Were Abuzz At UU's Fall Festival

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June 2023

Mission Peak Village Receives Unexpected Visitors

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March 2023

Signs of Spring & Special Event


December 2022

Sandi introduces cohousing to her Niles Rotary club.


September 2022

Mission Peak Village partners with UD+P

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May 2022

Our design plans approach the submittal stage

February 2022 button.jpg

February 2022

Kick-Off Workshops in full swing!

September 2021 button.jpg

September 2021

City council hears appeal for the project's progress

June 2021 button.jpg

June 2021

Envisioning art for the Irvington BART Station

November 2020 button.jpg

November 2020

Why cohousing is more sustainable

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December 2023

All Aboard the Holiday Train! 

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September 2023

Four Ways to Make August a Game Changer

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May 2023

Our Plan Goes to Planning Commission

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February 2023

Meet the neighbors with us in this issue.


November 2022

We welcome a new Member and head to the market.


July 2022

Plans go to preliminary design review

April 2022 button.jpg

April 2022

Join us for a community picnic


January 2022

Katie McCamant introduces her Kick-Off Workshop series

August 2021 button.jpg

August 2021

Meet us outside at an in person event

May 2021 button.jpg

May 2021

We joined the Fremont Green Challenge

September 2020 button.jpg

September 2020

We chose an architect

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November 2023

The White Picket Fence

By CohoUS' Trish Becker

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July 2023

Four Ways to Make August a Game Changer

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April 2023

Our Plan Goes to Planning Commission

Mission Peak Village Cohousing 102922_0135 B.jpg

January 2023

New Progress in the New Year!


October 2022

It's our land deal's anniversary!!!


June 2022

I think we're finally ready to submit??

March 2022 button_edited.png

March 2022

Architectural design begins, but nothing is final

December 2021 button.jpg

December 2021

Interest surges with new site

July 2021 button.jpg

July 2021

Enjoying some summertime fun

April 2021 button.tiff

April 2021

Like Kermit, we're thinking green

August 2020 button.jpg

August 2020

Cohousing in Fremont

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