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Thinking it might be time for a change?

"Working and living with our neighbors is a new way to give back to our community and be involved in new activities." Dick and Sandi

"My kids are watching my example. They see me making plans to be surrounded by people of all ages who will keep an eye out for each other... and have fun!" Jane

"Turns out cohousing really reminds me of the sense of community I loved in the Peace Corps- adventure and connection with a solid plan in place." Donna

Come see how the cohousing lifestyle works for people of all ages at this "lifestyle continuing ed" course.

Cohousing University

Hosted by Mission Peak Cohousing Village

May 12-15, 2023

NOTE: All events are online EXCEPT the Sunday tour of Mountain View Cohousing. We will record some of the sessions and will send out to registered participants. We understand if other commitments prevent you from attending some of the sessions.

Cost: $150 per household

By the end of this weekend, you may choose to continue on with Mission Peak Cohousing Village as an "Explorer" at no additional charge. 

Friday, May 12:

5:30pm PT


Getting to Know You: Gather online to meet the cohort. We'll have brief introductions of the presenters and -try to!- figure out all we have in common.

Saturday, May 13:

9am-12 PT

Online and recorded

Life in cohousing: a panel discussion

Same and different: cohousing is like any other real estate but fixes some of the challenges.

Making decisions together: understanding consensus, sociocracy, and the evolution of a group of people into a strong community.

Reflect and debrief: we've learned alot through the day. Let's cover any lingering questions and share some of the ways the day has shifted our thinking.

Sunday, May 14:

2pm PT

In person 

Visit an existing cohousing community: we will take a tour of Mountain View Cohousing in nearby Mountain View. 

Monday, May 15:

9am PT 

Online and recorded

Danny Milman, Urban Development + Partners

Financing cohousing and designing for connection:

Meet Danny Milman of UD+P, a professional working in this unique community space today.  Understand how projects are financed and how cohousing is designed for authentic connection.

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