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Frequently Asked Questions​


Where will the Mission Peak Village be located? 

​Our address is 40871 High Street

How many homes will there be?

We are building 32 homes. They range from one to three bedrooms.


How large is the Common House? And what is in it?

The heart of the the community, the Common House, will be around 5,000 sq ft. It will have space to cook and share meals with your neighbors, room for yoga classes or just to stretch out, plenty of space for kids to play inside and out, as well as a spot to pick up your mail.

Is this considered affordable housing?

This is market-rate housing. However, the extensive shared amenities often result in savings for residents in ongoing cost of living.

How do common meals work in cohousing? 

Most cohousing communities have regular planned shared meals that bring them together in the Common House. They generally rotate cooking and cleaning duties and range in style from simple soup and salad to a robust curry. Most cohousers enjoy common meals as they are an opportunity to sit down with one another and share a conversation with people they enjoy.

What about safety and security? 

Cohousing supports a sense of safety and security as neighbors keep an eye out for one another. In addition to watching out for one another's homes, cohousers know each other's comings and goings so they run into each other often and can make sure that their more vulnerable residents are doing okay.

What will homes cost?

When our homes are ready for move-in around 2026, we expect the prices to start in the mid-$900,000s.

What is the legal structure of a cohousing home?

This will be structured as a self-managed condo association with all the legal protections offered by this. We will set a homeowners fee to support and maintain all our shared amenities.


If I'm an introvert, will I feel overwhelmed? 

The great thing about cohousing is that there's community right outside your door. If you need quiet, you can close your front door and it feels like any other home.  

What should I do to get involved?

Come meet us at one of our events and see if this might be interesting to you. We encourage people to join us as "Explorers," to really check out the community.    Contact us!

Call Kelli at 510-413-8446

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