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Explore Membership

Thank you for your interest in Mission Peak Village and congratulations on your excellent timing! With the approval of our plans by the City of Fremont, you have chosen the perfect time to think about joining our community. Here are the next steps:

1. Learn about Mission Peak Village

2. Become an "Explorer"

Explorers are people ready to dig deeper into the cohousing concept and determine their interest in living with us in Mission Peak Village. When you become an Explorer, we throw open the doors for you. For up to 90 days, you will have access to all of our meetings and social events. 

  • Submit your $150 Explorer payment.

  • Kick off your experience with our orientation sessions to learn:

    • More about our mission and values

    • The status of our development and investment structure

    • The Membership process and how to reserve a home​

    • How to share your skills and help create Mission Peak Village

    • ...and more.

  • Sit in on team meetings and attend our monthly community meetings to see how we operate and to get acquainted with community Members.

3. Become a Member

  • Read the membership materials and fill out the Membership Application

  • Pay the remaining $350 membership fee and join our project's LLC 

  • Make your initial investment in the project and earn your priority in unit choice.


Want to learn more? Call Kelli at 510-413-8446 or email us

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