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Living the new American Dream

Less to buy, maintain, and store means more time for the things that matter. Working together might just be the key to long-term sustainability.


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Cohousing pioneer Katie McCamant explains concept's success

Katie McCamant not only has decades of experience to back her up, but she invented the word itself. There's a reason cohousing is spiking in popularity after the pandemic.


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Cohousing communities find imaginative ways to celebrate holidays

In cohousing, residents find any reason to celebrate being alive. Here we listed just a few celebrations you can find across most communities in the Unites States.


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How shared meals work out in cohousing

Common meals aren't as stressful as they may seem. Many hands make light work. Check out this article for an explanation and your first common meal recipe. 

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How cul-de-sac living is different from cohousing

At one time, cul-de-sac living was part of the American Dream — it allows residents to reduce pollution and crime! Cohousing has all the benefits of cul-de-sacs, plus more in this article by Members Jane and Evelyn.


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Study shows that cohousing has advantage in resale value

Once people live in cohousing, they tend to stay forever. When they do go up for sale, studies show increased home values compared to neighboring developments, which makes cohousing a very practical investment.

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The Mercury News

Find a house for the whole family

Sullivan explains why families are moving in together and why others are seeking community in other ways, including innovative approaches like cohousing. 


Tri-City Voice

Seven reasons to live in cohousing

If you're living in a traditional housing model, you might wonder why people choose to live in cohousing. This list makes it simple: community matters.


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Revealed! Mission Peak Village shows off its plans

If you missed our big design reveal, we have a nice little recap of the event. Spoiler alert: it was a huge success! Getting to share our passion and mingle with attendees proved quite exciting for Members.


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Cohousing is a better way to live for many: Interview with Mission Peak Cohousing Member

Member Evelyn dispels some myths about cohousing and talks about building community in a post-COVID world.


Tri-City Voice
Cohousing group to reveal its design concept

“Our train is actually leaving the station now,” observes Mission Peak Village co-founder Jane Mueller. “The most daunting task was to secure the land to build on. We found an ideal spot, we have a stunning design, and we are now truly on the way to our destination.”

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Cohousing, get to know your neighbors BEFORE you move in

Socializing doesn't have to be so scary. We're interested in human connection and solving problems together! Read more about the ways we've worked together before we're just next door.


The Mercury News

Mission Peak Village introduces Fremont to innovative cohousing approach

Learn more about Fremont's first cohousing community and how we're making waves. These units are more than new condominiums for sale.


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Plans to be submitted for Fremont's first cohousing development

Tracts of cookie-cutter suburban homes are no longer satisfactory. Connected communities enrich lives, and these Fremont locals are committed to building one in their backyard.


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Fremont delegates to attend National Cohousing Conference

The National Cohousing Conference came and went! Read about what Members Evelyn and Walter gained from their trip to Madison, WI.


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Cohousing's layout is key to making it work

It's the work of the design and the community members who create cohousing. Without those two things, cohousing neighborhoods begin to resemble your average condos.


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Finding the balance in housing choice

In the first of a series by Mission Peak Village Members Evelyn LaTorre and Jane Mueller, they explain how cohousing entered the U.S. housing market and our subsequent progress.


Photo by Wayne Bowen, MPV Member

Tri-City Voice

Fremont group designing to reflect current lifetsyles

Most households don't look like the typical nuclear family anymore, so Mission Peak Village is building to accommodate 21st century lifestyles. Mission Peak Village Architect Brad Gunkel is pictured to the left.