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Tri-City Voice

Cohousing, get to know your neighbors BEFORE you move in


Socializing doesn't have to be so scary. We're interested in human connection and solving problems together! Read more about the ways we've worked together before we're just next door.


Tri-City Voice

Cohousing group to reveal its design concept


“Our train is actually leaving the station now,” observes Mission Peak Village co-founder Jane Mueller. “The most daunting task was to secure the land to build on. We found an ideal spot, we have a stunning design, and we are now truly on the way to our destination.”


Tri-City Voice

Plans to be submitted for Fremont's first cohousing development


Tracts of cookie-cutter suburban homes are no longer satisfactory. Connected communities enrich lives, and these Fremont locals are committed to building one in their backyard.

Photo by Wayne Bowen, MPV Member


The Mercury News

Mission Peak Village introduces Fremont to innovative cohousing approach


Learn more about Fremont's first cohousing community and how we're making waves. These units are more than new condominiums for sale.


Tri-City Voice

Cohousing's layout is key to making it work


It's the work of the design and the community members who create cohousing. Without those two things, cohousing neighborhoods begin to resemble your average condos.


Tri-City Voice

Fremont delegates to attend National Cohousing Conference

The National Cohousing Conference came and went! Read about what Members Evelyn and Walter gained from their trip to Madison, WI.


Tri-City Voice

Fremont group designing to reflect current lifetsyles

Most households don't look like the typical nuclear family anymore, so Mission Peak Village is building to accommodate 21st century lifestyles. Mission Peak Village Architect Brad Gunkel is pictured to the left.

Photo by Wayne Bowen, MPV Member


Tri-City Voice

Finding the balance in housing choice

In the first of a series by Mission Peak Village Members Evelyn LaTorre and Jane Mueller, they explain how cohousing entered the U.S. housing market and our subsequent progress as a community.